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    As of this date, July 19, 2016, I am retiring. I have spent many, many years working on Altec, University, and other professional audio products, but now it is time to retire. The last professional electronics built by Altec Lansing were made in 1998, nearly 20 years ago. Over time, these units, many of which served their owners without failure for as long as 50 years, have been replaced, the victim of the "NEWER HAS TO BE BETTER" mentality. Thus, the need for my services has declined over the years.

    So, now it's time for me to retire. I am selling my property here in Oklahoma and moving to a more quiet, less urban area elsewhere.

    I wish to thank all of my customers and friends for their support over the years. Once I relocate, I will place a contact email here on this page, in case anyone wishes to contact me in the future.

    Thank you all again so very much for your encouragement and support.

    With all my thanks,

                                            - Iraj Rostampour

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